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Winners of the Lucky Draw will be contacted via phone & email to claim their prize. Three attempts will be made to contact prize winners

Invalid phone numbers or failure to respond to calls will result in forfeiting of the prize. Prizes not claimed on 15th of Every Month will be considered as forfeited. Prize claim means being available either in person or over phones to collect the prize.

To place a refund, return or exchange request for an order placed with Us Mega Lottery, You would need to contact Us Mega Lottery via email at support@usmegalottery.com , by phone at +1 800xxx xxx or by accessing your account with Us Mega Lottery.

Please have your Ticket number available and provide a reason for your request in order to speed up your refund process. Your request will be reviewed within a 2 days standard response period and we will notify you via email of the results. We reserve the right to extend the standard response time in exceptional cases with a prior notice to you.


Personal details of the winners, such as phone numbers, email will not be made public. Winners will be required to appear on (Live) for the prize claim, either in person or via phone call. Dispute Resolution

In the event of any disputes or claims arising from the Lucky Draw Process, these will be settled through the alternative dispute resolution in accordance with the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act of Bhutan 2013.

1$ TICKET x 25 Winners Worth 1000 USD 2$ TICKET x 20 Winners Worth 2000 USD 5$ TICKET x 15 Winners Worth 5000 USD 10$ TICKET x 10 Winners Worth 10,000 USD 50$ TICKET x 5 Winners Worth 50,000 USD 100$ TICKET x2 Winners Worth 1 Million USD

The refund request can be processed only after a 6 weeks period from the payment date, period needed for your bank process settlement to complete. Us Mega Lottery will only review and respond to your refund request after these 6 weeks period ends.

If you choose to pay by check or money order you may cancel your Order before making the payment or in case the payment is not received by us in 30 days Us Mega Lottery will cancel you Order.

You may submit a request to cancel your order on the same day the order was placed. Please note that if the Order is already deliver /email we will not be able to approve the cancelation request.

Win Ticket’s will not be refunded, not able to remain in inventory.

Referral Tickets, Gifts Tickets are refunded to 30% less than its worth.

Some products have special conditions for returns as described in the Order or Product materials delivered ("Products terms") so please read the carefully before making a request with Us Mega Lottery. In case of misunderstandings between Us Mega Lottery Refund Policy and the Product terms, the present Refund policy will prevail.

If Tickets worth are less than 50$ your refund request will not process until its reach to the same amount or greater then it. Minimum refund settles amount is 50 USD. The entire refund request granted by Us Mega Lottery, payments are refunded as follows:

Credit / Debit Cards payments will be refunded within one (1) business days;

Wire Transfer and check payments will be refunded within seven (7) business days and the cost of transfer will be supported by the end user;

PayPal payments will be refunded within one (1) business day;

Other payment methods will be refunded between five (5) to seven (7) days.

If applicable, Us Mega Lottery reserves the right to hold the refund payment until we receive a completed letter of destruction of the Product signed by you.

The present Refund policy is part of the Us Mega Lottery TERMS AND CONDITIONS.